Year of the Red-tailed Hawk

Well, it’s official! The first bird of the new year is the Red-tailed Hawk. We headed out early after four hours of sleep to a couple local forest preserves along the Kishwaukee River Corridor. Out soaring above the river and trees was a lone Red-tailed Hawk. Last year our first bird was a Chickadee and the year before, a Red-tail hunting squirrels in our backyard (nature preserve).

The Kishwaukee River Corridor was bustling with birds and in a short time we had netted 21 species. The highlights were a pair of Carolina Wrens and several Eastern Bluebirds. It is amazing how much more prevalent the Carolina Wrens are in our area. The weather was not that great but it was invigorating to be out in the crisp air after partying late last night. Now it’s time for some real sleep. Or maybe more birding…

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