Coffee for Birders and Conservationists

Birders and conservationists do not always get enough sleep. Thus it is important to have a ready supply of great coffee to brew.

Over the years of drinking coffee, I’ve come to learn that home-brewed is always better than coffee out. Sure, there are some places that serve great coffee, but overall brewing at home is the way to go.

I’ve also been trying many brands off coffee from small and medium-sized coffee roasters. Here are some of my favorites.

New Mexico Pinon Coffee starts the list with providing reasonably-priced, absolutely delicious coffee. Their namesake variety, Traditional Pinon, tastes and smells so good that I recommend it and gift it to as many people as possible. They roast other flavors from light to dark, but I always come back to the Traditional.

Birds and Beans is great tasting coffee with a sustainable, environmentally-focused mission. Their coffee is triple certified and comes in various roast levels. The fact that the coffee beans are shade grown means you help support bird habitat with every purchase.

Grounds and Hounds and Riley Coyote
Riley Coyote wanting a taste of Grounds & Hounds Coffee

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. is the perfect blend of great coffee and philanthropy. Every purchase helps support no-kill shelters and get dogs adopted! 20% of proceeds from your purchase goes to Grounds & Hounds rescue partners. “Every Pound Saves a Hound”

Bison Union Company Coffee has several blends that are high in caffeine and flavor. Their apparel is what we call “modern frontier”, a new twist on western wear that will get you excited to go explore nature.