Year in Review

The past year, like many, has had its ups and downs. The birding was about average the whole year, with lifebirds scattered throughout the year. It was the first year in the last five that I did not go on a “big” trip. I did get a few days to head to the U.P. of Michigan and found one of my new favorite places – Seney NWR. We went to Baraboo, WI and had an excellent time birding and checking out the International Crane Foundation.

Some of the highlights at our backyard nature preserve were Indigo Buntings, our first Baltimore Orioles and the big cheese, a singing Connecticut Warbler. Some of the local parks and preserves brought sightings of nesting Blue-winged, Golden-winged, and Cerulean Warblers. This year was loaded with Warblers.

This Red-headed Woodpecker was sighted on a trip that netted me both American and Least Bitterns at one time.  Way cool!

I also purchased my new bins, Swarovski EL 10x42s. They are part of the reason I found so many Warblers. I have become more involved in my local birding club, North Central Illinois Ornithological Society (NCIOS), and plan on big things for the upcoming year.

I feel that our natural world is in serious danger if we don’t make a big move as soon as possible (like, now!). But I can’t subscribe to the doom and gloom that I hear from some of our local bird club members. All is not bad and a positive attitude and a lot of hard work is what it will take to make the upcoming year a great one for conservation and birding!

I love the New Year because it is a good way to start fresh on a lot of things. I don’t do resolutions, but it is fun to try and set goals even if they don’t last that long. My top goals are to keep blogging like crazy, see tons of birds, contribute to eBird with my checklists, and promote conservation more than I’ve ever done before.

Happy New Year and I know 2007 will be awesome!!

4 thoughts on “Year in Review

  1. Happy New Year! Your red-headed woodpecker is drop-dead gorgeous! I would love to see one someday.
    Hope your new year is chock full of birds!

  2. Thank you very much and have a wonderful birding 2007! Red-headed Woodpeckers have been declining but I have been lucky finding them in northern Illinois.

  3. Love the shot of the Red-headed Woodpecker! I’d love to see one myself. We’re supposed to have them around here (Rochester, NY area), but I’ve yet to catch a glimpse. Plenty of Red-bellied and even some Pileated, but no Red-headed for me yet. Keep up the good work!

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