Field Notes – Notebooks for Birders & Conservationists

I absolutely love notebooks. I keep them everywhere: the car, office, junk drawer, nightstand, closet, messenger bag. I am always jotting down reminders, lists, notes, ideas; whatever pops into my head, I feel so much better when I can write it down.

I’m not writing it down to remember it later,
I’m writing it down to remember it now.

Field Notes Brand Motto

Field Notes makes beautiful, unique memo books that are perfectly sized for socking away in any nook or cranny you may need quick access for your notes. They are perfect for birders, whether they are listers or not.

Kirtland’s Warbler making the top of the list (with old Latin name)

Keeping field notes is one of the best ways to improve your birding skills because it helps direct your attention on what your are observing, moments after the observation. Combining location, date, weather, habitat, with behavioral notes pieces together all that make birding so interesting. The collection of these observations is what leads to an improved understanding of not only where to find birds, but on population changes.

Plus, these notes are great for reminiscing on cold winter nights.

Field Notes are made in the USA and are high quality. There is something satisfying about writing in well-crafted, artfully designed memo books. They provide an inspiration to be creative.

They also pull you away from the onslaught of screens.

On my desk sits two 32-inch monitors, a tablet and a smartphone. All beg for attention. The unassuming 5.5 inch x 3.5 inch Field Notes memo book does not ask for anything. It only does one job: keeps notes (and drawings).

Most of the ideas and planning for this website are stored in these or the  bigger 7-inch x 3.5-inch journal (End Papers).

This video explains why Field Notes are so amazing. The level of creativity that goes into this brand helps motivate us to continue carving out our small section of this vastness that is the Internet.