Conservation Organizations

There are so many great conservation organizations working tirelessly. Many of these are focused on wide-scale, habitat restoration and preservation. Others work specifically to assist certain groups or families of animals. We hope to highlight as many of these as possible and continually grow this list.


National Audubon Society

Founded in 1905 by John Muir and George Bird Grinnell, The National Audubon Society is dedicated to protecting birds and bird habitats. Their focus on conservation and education place them at the top of our list.

Boreal Songbird Initiative

The Boreal forest located in Canada and Alaska is one of the five last great forest ecosystems remaining. Consisting of over 1 billion (with a ‘B’) acres, the Boreal is home to countless numbers of birds. The Boreal Songbird Initiative is dedicated to keeping this forest ecosystem safe. This is one of the most important areas needed for sound conservation. Their 50-50 approach is crucial to safeguarding this habitat for generations to come.

American Bird Conservancy

The American Bird Conservancy has many areas of conservation focus, including protecting migratory birds, limiting glass collisions, keeping cats indoors, and reducing climate change. George Fenwick founded ABC in 1994 and has already made a positive impact on bird conservation.

Partners in Flight

Partners in Flight is dedicated to conserving land birds in the Americas. Specifically by “Advancing full life-cycle conservation of land birds in the Americas via sound science, integrated conservation partnerships, habitat delivery on public and private lands, and targeted citizen outreach.”

Ducks Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited is a hunter-conservation organization that is the perfect example of how land usage and habitat preservation can work hand in hand. Without viable waterfowl populations, hunting is not possible. Responsible hunting mixed with sound conservation means more habitat is safeguarded. The benefits go well beyond healthy waterfowl populations. DU has conserved over 14 million acres since 1937.

The Peregrine Fund

The Peregrine Fund is dedicated to conserving birds of prey all over the world. Beyond providing a wealth of resources to assist in raptor conservation, there also provide excellent information on the types and species of raptors. These bird profiles include interesting facts, photos, and details about what The Peregrine Fund is doing to help.


The Nature Conservancy

We’ve supported The Nature Conservancy for years because of their dedication to protecting amazing habitat the globe over. Beginning in 1951, TNC has been acquiring lands to protect them. They work with companies large and small, focus on government policies, and network with tons of volunteers to accomplish some amazing feats. Some of these hit close to our home in the form of Nachusa Grasslands. This prairie restoration project now has over 3,500 acres and a growing herd of bison.

National Wildlife Refuge Association

The National Wildlife Refuge Association has the mission to “conserve America‚Äôs wildlife heritage for future generations through strategic programs that protect and enhance the National Wildlife Refuge System and the landscapes beyond its boundaries”. The NWR system protects countless birds and other animals across the entire country and is vital for conservation as well as our health.

American Prairie

American Prairie is an organization in Montana that is working to protect a 3 million acre area of prairie land. This ambitious project is one we fully support and we are members of APR.

National Parks Conservation Association

National Parks Conservation Association is dedicated to “protecting and enhancing America’s National Park System for present and future generations”. NPCA is near and dear to our hearts because we absolutely love our National Park System. It is essential that we keep protecting large areas of land.

The Trust For Public Land

The Trust For Public Land is dedicated to connecting people to parks. Their mission is to have natural areas within a 10 minute walk from where people live. This differs greatly from large-scale conservation in that it is focused on people using the land and enjoying it. These natural areas are critical for public health and for reinstating what used to be a deep people-land connection.

Point Blue Conservation Science

Point Blue has over 50 years of conservation science under its leadership. Starting out as the Point Reyes Bird Observatory in 1965, Point Blue has morphed into coast-to-coast conservation with scientists dedicated to big issues like climate change and habitat loss. The organization is also training the next generation of conservation scientists, critical to upcoming years of uncertainty.

National Wildlife Federation

The National Wildlife Federation has been fighting for conservation since 1936. Some NWF projects near and dear to us include Ranger Rick, a must for anyone with kids and Garden for Wildlife where you can certify your backyard habitat. They also have a Conservation Hall of Fame. So awesome!

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers is a nationwide hunting and fishing organization that focuses on keeping public lands public. They are a “voice for wild public lands, waters, and wildlife”. While not a hunter myself, hunters and anglers are vital to conservation issues, ofttimes more than people who merely enjoy time outdoors.

Borderlands Restoration Network

The Borderlands Restoration Network is an organization that is trying to restore the wildlife and economic stability of the borderlands region. It blends restorative economics with wildlife conservation to keep one of the most unique and beautiful regions of the country viable.


Bat Conservation International

Bat Conservation International is the premiere bat conservation organization in the world. They are laser-focused on making sure no (more) bat species go extinct.

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