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    1. Dear friends

      Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you find it interesting. I am trying to make birdwatching more popular, here in Greece.

      I have already linked your site in my blog
      feel free to visit & link my professional website

      This is the first attempt in Greece, to make birdwatching tours around the country.
      We are happy to get visitors from all parts of USA.

      Best regards

      Spyros Skareas

    2. This is great! I moved down to Lawrence, Kansas just about three weeks ago with my boyfriend. I am trying to get into birding down here. There is a local Audubon group I hope to become a part of soon. Can this webpage be used for networking? I would love to meet more people in Kansas into birding!

    3. I found your site while searching for a Yellowstone river site, and wound up here. I was very impressed, and went through a half a dozen of your pages and I really like the feel of the site. I have never given much thought to bird watching. Interestingly, I started appreciating the beauty captured in some of the photos. So I just wanted to say thanks for the smile today. I hope you don’t mind that I am adding a link to on my site for Yellowstone wildlife photos in the next few days. If you do not this let me know in the next few days. Or if you want it removed later just shoot me an email. Enjoy life, Bill

    4. Love this site I love birding and I just got a spotting scope and a nikon camera coolpixs6000 and am trying to do some digiscoping but I cant seem to get a clear picture an adapter for the camera hopefuly that will help what setting do you put on the camera to take pictures is it the micro? I need help lol thanks

    5. Karin – email sent; hope it explains it OK although a lot of digiscoping is trial and error to get sharp photos in good lighting!

    6. Forres Park provides the ideal base for birders visiting Jamaica for Birding as it boast over 0% of birds endemic to Jamaica. The avian species present also includes migrant birds as well as resident birds.

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