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Eddie Callaway [Birdfreak]

Lives on Callaway Farm, in Northern Illinois.

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Birdfreak has lived all his life in northern Illinois. While most people don’t plan a vacation to northern Illinois (unless they go to Chicago), birding is surprisingly excellent in this area. Springtime is the best when warbles of Warblers come through along with other cool birds like Cuckoos, Thrushes, shorebirds, and more. One of the local birders has tallied over 300 species in our county (Winnebago).

Birdfreak enjoys hunting, with a camera that is, but is still an amateur photographer. Nearly all the photos on this site are taken with a Canon Rebel XTi (or 400D) and now a Canon 50D. You can view all of The Birdfreak Team photos on their Flickr account.

Birdfreak loves dogs, hiking, birdscaping (landscaping for birds), writing, and travel. His biggest desire is to promote birding and conservation. He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in Marketing.

Eddie currently works as Director of Marketing for Cargo Equipment Corporation, a manufacturer of high quality ratchet straps, winch straps, and trailer tie downs.


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Jennifer Callaway [Veery]

Mom looking at Brown Creepers

Veery – Jennifer Callaway (Birdfreak’s sister), enjoys photography too but claims to not be that good at it. However, she is super quick at spotting birds and is devoted to conservation.

Veery earned a degree in Geography with an emphasis on Natural Environmental Systems and a GIS Certificate at Northern Illinois University in De Kalb, Illinois. She helps Birdfreak write many of the posts and brainstorm for new ideas about conservation. She currently works as a Cartographer for the NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) in Findlay, Ohio.

Brief Birdfreak.com History

We started blogging on December 1st, 2006.

We have been featured on many conservation and birding websites.

We are constantly evolving in search for the best ways to promote birding and conservation.

Updated: May 2019

10 thoughts on “About

  1. It sounds as if you have a fine group of Birdfreaks, Eddie. I reciprocated on the link you added to your Birdvine. Again, it is an excellent effort and should further the interests of all birders.

  2. I began my Birding along the shores of Lake Michagan, in the suburbs of
    Chicago. I learned how to bird in the harsh winters of Illinois, the unpredictable springs, hawk counts in the fall. Now I live in Arkansas,
    learning how to bird all over agian. Every moment I have birded I have enjoyed. I enjoy reading your blogs, because brings back fond memories.
    Great job.

  3. Bradley – Glad you enjoy this site! Birding really can be enjoyed everywhere at any time and it is always such a blast to learn or re-learn birds whether it be a new region or just the start of a new season.

  4. i just came upon this site i enjoy it so far can you help me find someone to band birds at one of our bluebird meetings this year i live in darlington wi.

  5. Velma – I am not aware of anyone in your area that bands birds but if you check with Madison Audubon they may know someone to connect you with.

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