The following are the policies that are implemented at Birdfreak.com. While these policies do not cover everything, they provide a baseline for making your experience at Birdfreak.com the best possible.

  • ADVERTISING: Ad free
  • REVIEWS: Reviewing books only that we want to read
  • COMMENTING: We have a stringent SPAM blocker in place that potentially will put your comment in SPAM. If this happens, send us an email. Otherwise, comments are freely open for those to express their opinions so as long as they stay on topic, do not attack other commenters, are not vulgar or hateful, or in any other ways make the experience any less enjoyable for other viewers. We always reserve the right to delete ANY comment for ANY reason without any explanation. Comments, once approved, go live and will stay visible to anyone that wishes to see them.
  • PRIVACY: We are extremely protective of internet privacy rights and will never publish anyone’s email or use your email for any sort of mailing list, internal or external. We are especially protective of young birders that may wish to be interviewed or participate in guest blogging or other activities. These birders will have their names and locations hidden or altered.
  • DOWNLOADS/CODE: We offer several documents for download that are available in PDFs [portable document form]. We are not responsible for any errors encountered when downloading these documents or when accessing them on your computer. Any implementation of code we make available, say to post a badge on your site, is the sole responsibility of those using the code. We assume no responsibility for errors encountered if this bungs up your website.