Who Is Cassidy Bird Nut?

A great way to promote bird conservation is to celebrate and encourage the future generation of great birders. What better way to discuss young birders than by finding out what they personally think and feel? This is our third interview with a young birder, Cassidy Bird Nut.

White-breasted Nuthatch for this Bird Nut
White-brested Nuthatch

1. What age were you when you started birding? What is your current age?
I was 5 when I got interested in birding and birds. I currently am 13.

2. How did you get started in birding?
I got interested in birding on a trip across the US in our car when I was 5. I taught myself to read in National Geographic’s Birds of North America.

3. What is your favorite bird?
My favorite bird is the Golden Eagle, I finally saw the majestic bird in Denali National Park in Alaska.

4. How often do you go birding?
As often as I can; I never stop birding!

5. Who do you go birding with?
I usually go birding either alone or with my family.

6. Is there a bird club in your area and are you a member?
In western Massachusetts there are some bird clubs: the Hampshire Bird Club (I was a member) and a bird club in a nature building called the Hitchcock Center (I was also a member of that club and went on numerous “field trips” to places around the area).

7. Do you have a life list and if so, how many are on it?
I do have a life list and it is at 554 (including Mexico).

8. Do your family or friends also enjoy birding?
My family (including my grandparents) also enjoy birding and they drive me places.

9. Is the environmental field (including birding) part of your future career goal?
The environmental field (mostly birding) is very important for me and it is my main future career goal.

10. How would you get other young people interested in birding?
I would get other youngsters like me into birding by either starting a bird club or helping them identify birds in the field.

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A big thanks goes out to Cassidy Bird Nut and if any other young birder (12-18) wants to be featured, contact us [birdfreak at birdfreak dot com]

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