Let the Warbling Begin!

Whether we call our passion (obsession) bird-watching or birding, there is no question what warbling is – the quest to find those flittery little migrants known as Wood-Warblers. Yesterday wasn’t a top day of warbling, but we spotted our first warblers of the season (besides the nearly year-round Yellow-rumped Warblers).

We spent some time between counting cranes and Dakota’s baseball practice visiting Sugar River Forest Preserve, a fantastic warbling hotspot.

Yellow-throated Warbler – nests at Sugar River
Yellow-throated Warbler

Pine Warbler – aptly named in this shot
Pine Warbler

Pine Warbler – telling the Chipping Sparrows to stop sounding like him
Pine Warbler

The warbling season has begun and we know it will be a busy one!!

6 thoughts on “Let the Warbling Begin!

  1. Cool pics. Nice one of the Pine Warbler! I’ve had the pleasure of catching this little guy in my backyard before. Very Bright!

  2. Stunning photos and I making it through the winter knowing the Warblers will return in the spring! I just love this time of the year!

  3. Melissa – we usually don’t get such nice views of Pine Warblers

    Shelley – both are great!!

    J. Karl – we’ve never had one in the yard (yet) but we keep hoping.

    Monarch – this is THE best time of the year 🙂

  4. a yellow rumped warbler crashed into my newly washed window on sunday morning. we took him to a local bird rescue place and he is still there, dazed but okay for now. my 4 year old son told me to never wash the windows again.

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