Deer Run Bird Survey #8

Our eighth Deer Run Bird Survey of our year long survey was the best we’ve had yet. The weather was wonderful and we had our highest count of species thus far. This should be topped as migration really hits, but we’re happy with what we saw Sunday. Technically, DRBS #7.5 happened on the 6th of April but was done by local birder (and great friend) Tim Young. He added three new species for the count: American Coot, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, & Golden-crowned Kinglet.

D.R.B.S. #8 started off with a bang as we netted Brown Thrasher and Eastern Towhee (new for the count).

Brown Thrasher
Brown Thrasher

We counted 330 individual birds of 39 species and added five new ones for the survey:

  1. Rusty Blackbird
  2. House Wren
  3. Ruby-crowned Kinglet
  4. Eastern Towhee
  5. Brown Thrasher

Our total for the survey now stands at 2,948 individuals of 62 species.

Wood Duck
Wood Duck
Hermit Thrush – never get tired of these!
Hermit Thrush

Read more about what we are doing with our Deer Run Bird Survey.

3 thoughts on “Deer Run Bird Survey #8

  1. Wood ducks are so lovely. Coots should be called “cutes.” We have brown thrashers & towhees around our place, which is nice.

  2. Shelley – thanks! Best shot we’ve ever gotten of one of them

    Lana – Wood Ducks should be called “show-offs”; thrashers and towhees are wonderful to have around!!

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