The Rusty Blackbird Hotspot Blitz

Rusty BlackbirdThe Rusty Blackbird Technical Working Group needs the help of birders to locate important wintering grounds of an often looked over bird that is drastically in decline. Starting February 7th and running until the 15th, birders are being sought out (yes, you!) to find gangs of Rusties and report their findings to eBird.

Rusty Blackbird populations have declined between 85-99% over the last 40 years, a disturbing fact especially for a bird that is not considered “glamorous”.

If you are in the wintering range of Rusty Blackbirds, help count!
Rusty Blackbird Range Map

View a large gallery of photos of Rusty Blackbirds

To make things easier, you can study up on Rusty Blackbirds by visiting Cornell’s All About Birds section on this bird.

Report your findings to eBird and help solve the mysteries of why this gorgeous bird is in drastic decline.

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