Burning Hawk – Protecting Wildlife With Wine

In May 2008, a hawk was killed when it perched on a power line and was electrocuted. Each year tens of thousands of hawks, eagles, and owls die when their large wingspans create a circuit. Many of these deaths go unnoticed but one such incident sparked the beginning of a new movement.

On that fateful day on May 29, 2008 the Press Democrat newspaper published Burning Hawk Starts Vineyard Fire. The story recalled how an unknown species of hawk caught fire after being electrocuted and started a fire in a vineyard in Windsor, California. What happened next was even more astounding.

Windsor Vineyards created two exceptional wines: 2006 Burning Hawk Napa Valley Red and 2006 Burning Hawk Chardonnay, Alexander Valley. We tasted both of them.

Burning Hawk Wine

While we aren’t wine experts, over the holidays we like to have friends and family over for parties which involves wine (and other drinks). Both of these wines taste excellent and have rich aromas. They went down smoothly without too much of an aftertaste, something we like.

The concept behind the wine provides a great “bird-of-mouth” moment when you share with friends, co-workers, etc.

10% of sales from Burning Hawk wines go to bird conservation

4 thoughts on “Burning Hawk – Protecting Wildlife With Wine

  1. Hey Eddie, now that is something I can get behind! Of course I am all about bird and wildlife conservation but if I have to drink wine to help out, so much the better! In my opinion, there is nothing better to go with a good meal than a great glass of cabernet sauvignon (unless I’m having pizza, then it has to be a good German beer).

    Windsor has some excellent wines and another nice thing about them is, you can have the labels customized for gifts. I am going to do more of my fair share of bird conservation and contact Windsor Vineyards about Burning Hawk wines. Thanks for the great info Eddie.

  2. mmmm… i love Chardonnay… I will put in on a list of wines to look for at restaurants and a great wine to bring to a host, where I can have some too 🙂

  3. Dear Bird Freak Team:

    We wanted to drop a quick note to express our thanks for your order, the great pictures and this thoughtful blog post. Glad you enjoyed the wines and feel inspired by this initiative!

    To Larry, thanks much for comments. Despite our love of wine, we support your interest in pairing pizza and beer:). As an FYI, at the Raptor Research Conference in September we learned that Mendocino Brewing Company (Red Tail Ale) has been very supportive of raptor conservation projects and organizations over the years.

    To “Red”, we look forward to shipping you an order of Chardonnay someday. Burning Hawk is currently served in two premises here in Northern California, Mosaic Bar & Grill and The Toad in the Hole. The best way to uncork a bottle of Burning Hawk is to order online!

    Cheers and thanks again for your interest.

    Nick Papadopoulos
    Burning Hawk Wines

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