National Birds — Costa Rica

A rare and wonderful find in the United States, the Clay Colored Robin is abundant in Costa Rica. Costa Ricans declared the Clay Colored Robin their national bird in 1977, whose strong, musical call marks the beginning of their rainy season. The Clay Colored Robin is in the thrush family and they are very similar to the American Robin.


There are 850 different kinds of birds in Costa Rica. In the U.S., southern Texas is a great place to find this cool thrush.

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  1. My name is Mike Hopkins and I have lived in Costa Rica for ten years. I am the founder of the California Living Museum in Bakersfield, California and had a Safari tour business to Kenya and Tanzania. I am starting a tour business to bring students and adults to Costa Rica for wildlife, birding and Spanish immersion trips. I would like to offer a birding tour and am putting together a website now. The company’s name is and is now up and running. I have a few photos of birds here in the Potrero area of northwestern Costa Rica but would like to include a small table of six to eight birds on the birding description pages. I imagine you sell your photos for use. Since I am on a limited budget at the beginning of this new business I would like to know what your charges would be per photo and for a group of six or eight?

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Mike Hopkins
    Playa Potrero
    Costa Rica

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