1,000 Photos on Flickr!

We started using Flickr back in January of this year and have reached 1,000 photos!!

Our 13-year-old Blue Healer mix–Socks!

Flickr is a wonderful place to find cool photos and to share your own photos. We’ve met many great photographers and birders through Flickr and have enjoyed wonderful comments on some of our photos. Over the years we’ve taken many more photos than 1,000 but a lot of them never made it past the electronic trash can.

After 1,000 photos, here are a few of our favorite shots!

An Ovenbird in our backyard (2005)

Grand Teton Mountain Range, Teton National Park, Wyoming
Grand Teton National Park - Mountain Range

American Golfinch at our backyard bird feeder
American Goldfinch

Arizona Doberman, our new puppy
Arizona Doberman
Question: Do you think he caught the frisbee??

Blue Mockingbird in Texas
Blue Mockingbird

Feel free to check out all our photos at the Birdfreak Photostream on Flickr. We don’t pretend to be professionals, but just like carrying a camera while out birding!

Also, we offer ALL our bird photos to be used free of charge for bloggers, websites, print media, etc. They aren’t all the greatest quality, but sometimes it is nice to be able to add a picture to a post or use a photo while giving a presentation. We would like them to be credited to our website, but nothing else. No prior permission needed.

Here’s to thousands more photos on Flickr!

3 thoughts on “1,000 Photos on Flickr!

  1. Congrats on making 1000 on flickr! It is amazing how many pictures we take to get that one photo that is perfect in every way. I probably take 15 and only use 1. Guess I just wanted to say CONGRATS!

  2. Thanks mon@rch! Part of the reason we started using Flickr was because of your photos on there. I guess we’re all our own worst critics when it comes to photos… I’m always amazed at all the great pictures that are out there!

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