Brood XIII Map

According to our local Rockford newspaper, the Birdfreak team may have to search and travel a bit to find the Brood XII Cicadas when they come out. Looks like there will be pockets of them in our immediate area. There will be up to 1.5 billion of them, but they won’t cover the entire range.

We’ll get some 17-year cicadas, but many of us won’t notice any difference from a normal year when we get the annual “dogday” cicadas. Our neck of the woods just isn’t in the heavy 17-year cicada territory. Rockford Register Star


We are still going to talk them up, however, because of one very important reason; bird food! There are a few places close by where theses periodic cicadas were seen seventeen years ago. We will check them first. Between today and June 1st is the projected arrival time frame. According to Cicada Mania, it has begun!

Brood XIII Cicada?
This is what we think may be our first Brood XIII Cicada (aka bird food).

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