Illinois Breeding Bird Atlas

The Illinois Natural History Survey did a Breeding Bird Atlas in the early 1990’s, but has not had the means to produce a more current one. The issues reguarding this involve funding and finding coordinators. We hope to help with a new updated atlasing project and are in the process of learning more on the issue.

There are many ornithological organizations in Illinois and our biggest hope is that we can get together and make current winter and breeding bird atlases for Illinois.

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  1. Hi:
    II am preparing a field guide on the Empidonax fflycatchers, and am currently looking for a aplace to set up a study area to observe AAcadian Flycatchers. The Sandusky BBS run was tThe only one I found with encouraging numbers iin Illinois. Do you know of other areas where there are good numbers, and where I can observe from the time the first male arrives to when the last one leaves without being harassed by the authorities. I will be glad to provide you data on all empids discovered as well as other species found on Acadian Flycatcher territories.

    Scott Rea

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