Commentary on Al Gore’s Inconvienent Truth (DVD)

Like most birders, I’m concerned about our environment. I care about protecting our natural world. I believe that human activity is accelerating the climate changes that are taking place on the planet. So I popped in this DVD, ready to become better informed about what I can do to help.

What did I learn? First of all, I learned that Al Gore is still bitter about losing the presidency in 2000, although I was a bit confused about its inclusion in the film. I have to admit to being confused by his political views, considering he claims that global warming isn’t about politics; it’s about morals. I just wish he had climbed down from his soap box long enough to tell me something informative!

I believe that Gore cares a lot about the environment. I know he has done research for a long time. His research started years before we even knew who he was. He made several good points–and then promptly jumped to another topic. His lack of focus made the film difficult to view.

Let me sum this up by saying that I don’t think this DVD is worth viewing. But what can we, as environmentally-conscious Americans do to protect the habitats that our birds live in? Although he never gets around to telling us, Gore references the web site,, at the end of the film. Once you get past all the self-promotion, the site gives helpful hints like recycling more, planting trees, changing light bulbs, etc. Thanks, Al Gore! We already knew that!

I hope this film creates the legacy that “the man who used to be the next President of the United States,” so desperately needs to create for himself!

Reviewed by SnowyOwl

Birdfreak disclaimer: we are not a political forum; our focus in on birds and how they interact in the environment; the issues around climate change are NOT political. It is up to individuals to make big changes; Theodore Roosevelt created the first National Bird Preserve, the beginning of the National Wildlife Refuge System; “the Government” did not.

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