Bald Eagles Galore!

A picture is worth 1,000 words.

A picture of 1,000 Bald Eagles is impossible to capture.

Here’s an attempt – I counted 31 Bald Eagles in this shot.

Along the Mississippi River (Lock & Dam No. 13) in Illinois we witnessed a spectacle we had never imagined before. Eagles were dripping from the trees in unbelievable numbers. We estimated over 1,000. The majority were adults and many of the young Eagles were sitting on the ice.

Nothing like defying gravity when you’re an Eagle.

8 thoughts on “Bald Eagles Galore!

  1. We’ve been to the same spot before in the past and the most Eagles we’ve seen was in the low 20s. I’ve heard from other birders of numbers like this, but it was still a shock!

  2. how wonderful to have seen so many eagles at one time! I think we have seen in one spot 21 or so eagles! That might have been the Niagara Region record!! I know they get a bunch of eagles, but WOW!

  3. To see that many eagles at one time is cool. I only saw 20 with my dad. It was lucky you saw that many at one time.

  4. Andrew – we were shocked to see so many eagles. Since they have rebounded, these areas have steadily increased with Bald (and rarely, Golden) Eagles.

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