Eating Bison Helps Conservation!

Want a new way to help with bird conservation? Buy bison (buffalo) meat!

Bison in Wyoming

Bison once roamed all over the west and were part of the natural landscape of grasslands. The Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Co. states the benefits of buffalo meat over other red meats, such as less fat and the fact that they roam naturally in the landscape they’ve lived for thousands of years.

By promoting bison ranches we promote conservation. Bison need large, open grasslands to thrive and ranches that work together with conservation groups can ensure their land is well kept for the bison and birds that share the grasslands.

2 thoughts on “Eating Bison Helps Conservation!

  1. That’s good to know.-I’ve eaten Bison at a Country Music Bar in town a couple of times, and found it to be quite good.-I will have to go back for more.-

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