More New Natives at the C.N.P.

The Callaway Nature Preserve is expanding again in the never-ending process of grass removal. Little by little, the C.N.P. has grown with a few new natives every year. Small in size and surrounded by houses and streets, this little preserve houses numerous backyard birds and provides a safe stopover for plenty of weary migrants.
New Arrivals
We received some of our plants a little late this year due to a cold start to spring, but all were intact. This is our second year ordering from WildOnes, who promote the use of native plants around homes and businesses. WildOnes is a good organization with more chapters opening in new areas all the time.
Downy Mint
Downy Mint planted in 2006

Going native is for the birds! As we get more involved in our local forest preserves and birding clubs, we also want to keep promoting native landscaping. It really is the best way to go, and the birds love it.
Warbler Woods

Wild Senna
Wild Senna planted in 2006

2 thoughts on “More New Natives at the C.N.P.

  1. I saw your top photo in flickr and wondered what the heck it was! This is great and love seeing what you have done with these! The mint plants are really good with the butterflies!

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