Prairie Conservation – Sprague’s Pipit

The Sprague’s Pipit (Anthus spragueii) is a difficult bird to find and is becoming more so with loss of its native habitat. With the restricted breeding range and its unassuming appearance, the Sprague’s Pipit is poorly known. Photo Used with permission from Steve Collins, Odephoto Sprague’s Pipit passes through Illinois each year, but in small

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Prairie Plant Profile – Cup Plant

In native prairies few plants compare to the versitality and beauty of the Cup Plant or Cupplant (Silphium perfoliatum). This yellow-flowered plant grows to three to ten feet tall and provides a wonderful resource for birds. The Cupplant provides shelter, food, and the “cups” actually catch and store rainwater that birds can drink from. Cupplant

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Ted Turner: Conservation or Conspiracy?

Ted Turner, the billionaire media mogul, has recently purchased more land in the Great Plains. With over 2 million acres, he is the largest private landowner in the U.S. His recent acquisitions have made people question his intentions. The Turner Foundation has generously donated millions to various environmental groups over the years. Recently his foundation

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13 Prairie Birds Needing Conservation

The Nature Conservancy’s Prairie Wings project has mapped out the places needing conservation to protect thirteen birds of the prairie/grasslands. These include: Lark Bunting Cassin’s Sparrow Lesser Prairie-Chicken Greater Prairie-Chicken Sprague’s Pipit Ferruginous Hawk McCown’s Longspur Scaled Quail Long-billed Curlew Baird’s Sparrow Burrowing Owl Mountain Plover Chestnut-collared Longspur The Nature Conservancy’s site has detailed species

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