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Cool Green Science: The Conservation Blog of The Nature Conservancy is the official blog of TNC and is written by a collection of excellent Nature Conservancy conservationists. As stated on the blog’s about page, Cool Green Science has four main goals:

  1. Nature Conservancy scientists and experts talking about conservation issues of moment — everything from migratory birds to coral reefs to rainforests to the intersection between humans and nature — in our uniquely rigorous, science-based way.
  2. Links to interesting online news and features about the Conservancy’s work and opportunities to help support and engage more deeply with that work.
  3. Links to conservation news around the world.
  4. Your comments on the issues raised by our posts — constituting what we hope is a vigorous debate about the state of conservation and the future of our planet.

Cool Green Science is an excellent source for getting into the heart and soul of The Nature Conservancy and learning from some of the top conservationists of a truly great organization.

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