Cornell Lab of Ornithology Website Changes

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is making huge leaps into improving and enhancing their website to better serve the birding community. This is great news for bird marketers because the Lab is an amazing resource when talking about birds.

The Lab is asking for feedback on the planned changes for their All About Birds section. [Make sure to view the full image to get the big picture of the changes.]

We are extremely pleased with the new look already but the birding community as a whole can provide that extra idea, suggestion, annoyance to their plan and help shape the site to really be the ultimate source for birders.

Some of the big changes include:

  • tabular browsing
  • more bird images (including some provided by the birding community (see Birdshare)
  • similar species viewed on page
  • enhanced search
  • increased multimedia (video and sound)
  • an overall better user experience

Make sure to check them out and give some feedback.

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