C-Notes #12 – Great Reasons to eBird

eBird’s work on engaging thousands of birders to collect data on bird abundance and species is ever growing for the better. Here are a few things to check out while deciding to join eBird and join the Citizen Science crew in bird conservation:

Jack Siler’s eBird Rarity Map – This map shows rare bird sightings by area. Each pin marks a different bird sighting showing the name of the species, the location, the time, the person who reported the sighting and the ABA difficulty level. A great way to map out where and when rare birds are seen and reported.

eBird’s Photo Pool – eBird’s now got a group on flickr for rare bird photos from sightings reported on eBird! Their goal is to collect the documented observations of rare birds and share them with others.

eBird’s site is very explanatory and helpful. It is easy to read and has many interesting articles. Many of these articles can help a new user such as Are you really making Casual Observations? which discusses the ways a user can submit their observations.

If you love birds and eBird is new to you, they are more than worth checking out. If you are a long-term eBird user, keep up the good fight!

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