Bird Photography Weekly #28

Bird Photography Weekly #27 is complete so join in on the action of the 28th installment.

B.P.W. was delayed as we were stuck in northern Wisconsin with car trouble and no computer. Birdfreak’s Volvo had a wire come loose disabling the car and requiring a tow. (A freak incident but one that left us stuck on a lonely state highway.)

All’s good now and we’re back home, tired but happy to have had a good time visiting relatives before the car trouble.

The Birdfreakmobile being towed… not often you see a Volvo needing a tow 🙂
Volvo Being Towed
Dodge Charger Police Car – we had a deputy sheriff stop and help us out
Dodge Charger Police Car

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20 thoughts on “Bird Photography Weekly #28

  1. I’ve captured an immature Bald Eagle for this weeks BPW. Glad to hear you made it out of trouble OK Eddie! So there’s the answer to the age old question, “where’s a cop when you really need one?”

  2. I`ve been waiting and wondering what happened to BPW tis week. Glad you are safe. Long-tailed tits from me this week.

  3. Glad y’all made it back home safe and sound!

    I’ve posted pictures of some Double-crested Cormorants that I stumbled upon unexpectedly last week. Enjoy!

  4. Five BPW contributors trumped me this week! I swear I was first going to post a red-shoulder hawk, then a red-tailed, then a pileated woodpecker, then a bald eagle, then brown pelicans. Finally settled on a Song Sparrow : )

  5. Red Winged Blackbirds are out in force – the true sign of spring. It’s amazing to watch them take a deep breath, fluff all their feathers out, stretch like a yoga guru, and then let loose with Con-ko-ree. When two of them land in the same bunch of cattails, watch out!

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