Birding With a Doberman

    Baby Doberman1DSCF0085AngelDoberman ready to scratch

Update written on July 6, 2007

This post was written two months before our beautiful doberman passed away. She was a tough 13-year-old who died of cancer in March of 2007. We will never forget the joy she brought into our home. We have many pictures of her posted on flickr. Baby was the Callaway family’s angel.

Original Post

This is how my Doberman, Baby unwinds after a day of birding.


Some people might think birding with a dog would be counter-productive but I’ve taken her to 16 states including a big trip to the west coast. Sometimes she will pull a bit when I’m trying to find a warbler, but for the most part, she’s great.

Lifebirds while birding with Baby: Varied Thrush, Steller’s Jay, Broad-tailed Hummingbird, Lincoln’s Sparrow, Spotted Owl, Western Scrub-Jay, Spruce Grouse, and a host of others. Plus, she scared off a Black Bear that had wandered a bit too close to our campsite in Minnesota. However, I won’t go birding with my cat.

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