Flying Squirrel at the Callaway Nature Preserve

We had a little surprise tonight on our willow tree. A Northern Flying Squirrel was feasting on a bird feeder at around 7pm. I have only seen one flying squirrel EVER and was a bit surprised that they were even in northern Illinois. This is a first for our city backyard! After doing a little research, we discovered they are in our area, most noteably at Rock Cut State Park. But I don’t think they are sighted that often.

4 thoughts on “Flying Squirrel at the Callaway Nature Preserve

  1. Mon@arch – thanks, it’s what I like to call dumb luck…my pictures are all taken with an average camera – Panasonic Lumix with good zoom but it’s not a Canon or Nikon or anything fancy.

    NatureWoman – It was pretty cool because my two nieces and nephew also got to see him. Never did see him “fly”.

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