Southeast Arizona Birding Trail

I have been researching areas in southeast Arizona (a birder’s dreamland) and discovered that they have an updated (2006) birding trail map for sale. The American Birding Association has a list of birding trails across the country. There are 31 states listed with birding trails and some of the trails already cross over from state to state. It would be rather cool if these state trails could be linked to make a nationwide Birding Trail or trails.

Now on Audubon’s website, there is a different list of birding trails, some of which are the same and some different. These trails usually have nice maps, some offered for free, and are excellent marketing tools for areas that might be lacking when it comes to tourism. Unfortunately, it is hard to quantify the economic value of birding because a lot of our purchases while birding are not bird related on the surface.

3 thoughts on “Southeast Arizona Birding Trail

  1. Thank you so much for posting this right now! I’m planning my trip to AZ, and this would fit into my plans very well! I love the birds in AZ.

  2. The SABO map is excellent indeed; we ran a short feature on new birding trails and trail guides in Winging It a couple of issues ago, and the Arizona map was among the very best.
    Still, don’t forget that there are literally thousands of underbirded sites here in southeast Arizona. I was one at this afternoon, enjoying White-throated Swifts and Black-chinned Sparrows in 70-degree sunshine!

  3. NatureWoman – No problem. I love Arizona so much.

    Rick – I am so envious…although it was 50 degrees in N. Illinois, the birds don’t compare to yours. I am always looking for underbirded places and there are many here in Illinois too. One of my many projects includes trying to make a birding trail for Winnebago County as well as other areas in northern Illinois.

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