Birding Baxter’s Hollow

Nestled in the Baraboo Hills in south-central Wisconsin is a magical place called Baxter’s Hollow. Owned by the Nature Conservancy, this wooded creek corridor is not what many expect to find in Wisconsin. The rocky, rough terrain, rushing water, and the wildlife all feel either western or northern, not exactly midwestern.

Singing Ovenbird
Ovenbird (Seiurus aurocapilla)

This spectacular setting provides for a wonderful birding experience. While we were searching for Worm-eating Warblers (none found), the constant chant of Ovenbirds and Acadian Flycatchers accompanied us throughout our trek.

Baxter's Hollow - Recent Flood Damage

Heavy rainfall had had its toll on the road, making it impassable near the start. However, we were able to hike along the road, which hugs Otter Creek, and see or hear a wonderful array of birds.

We were even delighted to hear the ongoing sound of a Winter Wren, its tinkling song echoing off the rocks and trees.

Baxter’s Hollow is the largest of the Nature Conservancy’s preserves in Wisconsin, over five thousand acres to explore and enjoy.

Baxter's Hollow

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