Hemlock Draw – Sauk County Wisconsin

A draw or hollow refers to a valley or long narrow gorge between two clefts of rock.The Nature Conservancy


In our south central Wisconsin search for the Worm-eating Warbler (and other great birds), we took a hike at Hemlock Draw Nature Preserve. Many species found here are typical of northern Wisconsin, making it a unique and interesting habitat.

Cedar Waxwing – Looking for Berries
Cedar Waxwing {Bombycilla cedrorum}

We started off through a wooded area and when we reached the creek, the trail appeared to end. There was considerable erosion of the creek bank (where the trail should have been) because of recent flooding. The creek was low, however, and we had a splendid time exploring. Cool rocks, frogs, water striders, Acadian Flycatchers, and a Winter Wren were some of the highlights, almost making up for the fact that Worm-eating Warblers were absent.


The Birdfreak Team performed a hiking no-no on this trail and forgot to bring water. This cut the hike short and we had to head back. The best bird sighting occurred right near the beginning of the trail at the end of our hike. A Hooded Warbler scolded us from a few feet away and we all got a great look.

Hooded Warbler

3 thoughts on “Hemlock Draw – Sauk County Wisconsin

  1. I’m fairly certain you won’t forget your water next time! ;o) OK, so now I sound like a mother. Oh well. I like your photos, especially that hooded warbler. I am guessing that this warbler is always found in the eastern half of the country. Beautiful bird – and it would certainly be a lifer for me, if I should ever get back east.

  2. April 24,09 Was out in Hemlock Draw yesterday. Believe I heard the Louisiana Water Thrush. Last year in Pine Hollow I observed a fledged bird wanting to be fed and was making quite a fuss about the process. They seem to be a little edgey for closer observation. There is so little cover right now.

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