Bird Photography Weekly #1

What better way to promote birds and bird conservation than by featuring a cornucopia of wonderful bird photos? Thus, we encourage you to join the weekly excitement of Bird Photography Weekly.

How to be a part of Bird Photography Weekly:

  • Each week submit a link to your post featuring a single bird species
  • Link back to that week’s Bird Photography Weekly post
  • You can post your link starting Monday of that week until 23:59 central time on Saturday
  • Your link will remain on our site, forever promoting the beauty of birds
  • The goal is to have a ton of participation and try to get a large number of different species each week
  • Help spread the word and extend your thoughts by commenting

15 thoughts on “Bird Photography Weekly #1

  1. The bird I posted is a small owl of all types of woodlands. It’s defense when discovered is to sit still and not move. Can you guess this type of owl?

  2. Of course I’m in, Eddie! Great Idea! Please delete my 1st Mr. Linky, just had the main URL in, not the permalink to the post – as in the 2nd.
    I posted a Cattle Egret in mating plumage.
    Cheers, Klaus

  3. I hesitated to post because I am a novice birder and photographer. My shots won’t be great, but I am able to get some different shots around our pond and woods. What I don’t have in skill, I try to make up for with enthusiasm birds.

  4. Fellow bird lover here, new to blogging but not to birds. They have always been my obsession along with other wildlife. What could be more beautiful or sound so sweet. I posted a Yellow-Headed Blackbird.

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