C-Notes #1 – Kenyan Conservation, A New Bird, and Help for a Wren

Welcome to the first edition of C-Notes, an ongoing series designed to pull together 2-3 small tidbits of important bird conservation issues.

Do it for Dominic The Small African Fellowship for Conservation, a project conceived by 10,000 Birds, wants to get the word out about a young Kenyan conservationist named Dominic who is working to promote the importance of conservation in his country. Feel free to donate a few dollars towards this cause.

The Smithsonian Institute discovers a new bird species in Gabon, Africa. The bird was first observed by scientists in 2001, but thought to be a juvenile of a different species. The bird is called the Olive-backed Forest Robin, named for its distinctive coloring on its back and rump, although the male also has a bright orange throat.

Audubon Arkansas and Arkansas State University have developed a project that seeks to survey wrens in Arkansas. This citizen science project is calling on interested individuals to help count wrens in Arkansas. The Bewick’s Wren is in decline in Arkansas. Although rare, this species can be found anywhere in the state. To find out how you can report sightings, check out the Arkansas Wren Survey.

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