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Bird Photography Weekly #2

Bird Photography Weekly #1 was a lot fun and had 10 submissions. Of these submissions there were 10 species of birds featured.

  1. Grey Heron
  2. Northern Saw-Whet Owl
  3. Cattle Egret
  4. Brown-headed Nuthatch
  5. Green Heron
  6. Yellow-headed Blackbird
  7. Burrowing Owl
  8. Dark-eyed Junco
  9. Gold-whiskered Barbet
  10. American Robin

Let’s see if we can’t top ten species this week. Help spread the word!!

What better way to promote birds and bird conservation than by featuring a cornucopia of wonderful bird photos? Thus, we encourage you to join the weekly excitement of Bird Photography Weekly.

How to be a part of Bird Photography Weekly:

  • Each week submit a link to your post featuring a single bird species
  • Link back to that week’s Bird Photography Weekly post
  • You can post your link starting Monday of that week until 23:59 central time on Saturday
  • Your link will remain on our site, forever promoting the beauty of birds
  • The goal is to have a ton of participation and try to get a large number of different species each week
  • Help spread the word and extend your thoughts by commenting


  1. September 8, 2008    

    Bird Photography Weekly is a great idea (and left us at 10,000 Birds kicking ourselves for not thinking of it first!).

    I hope 100 species get contributed this time!

  2. September 8, 2008    

    This is a great idea. Sorry that my post included more than one species. I just couldnt stop myself! LOL!

    Have a good one!

  3. September 8, 2008    

    I’m in with a Bald Eagle I shot this weekend. Of course I messed up the link again – here’s the Permalink:
    Cheers, Klaus

  4. Tom Tom
    September 8, 2008    

    Glad to see the submissions are picking up and taking off. My submission for the week is the underrated Dunnock. I`ve made a post on the Dunnock`s sex life! (

  5. September 8, 2008    

    Great idea! Unfortunately it’s still to hot to get out much & it seems that many of our yard birds were scattered by Gustav, but I’ll have to keep this in mind for the future.

  6. September 12, 2008    

    I love this. I tweeted about it to my tweeple. Don’t know if it will spread the word, but who knows. I submitted a scissor-tailed flycatcher.

  7. Amy Amy
    September 12, 2008    

    I added a Chaffinch photo we took earlier this year. This week’s entries all look great, but I am a bit partial to #1. 😉

  8. The Birdfreak Team The Birdfreak Team
    September 14, 2008    

    Thanks everyone for participating!! Monday begins another round of Bird Photography Weekly!!

  9. October 10, 2011    

    Thanks for holding this linky for bird lovers! Great idea! I love these submissions!

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