Another Solution to Window Kills

There may be another solution to the problem of birds striking windows: CollidEscape. CollidEscape is a company that offers a protective covering for windows that is nearly 100% see-through from the inside but non-reflective on the outside. From the looks of it, the film would work better than screens because A) it is clearer to look through and B) easier to apply on a wider variety of windows.

NOT a pretty picture…

The original use of this material was for ads and I gather that it is similar to window tinting material. It adheres to a window and eliminates the reflection and thus the bird strikes.

Potential drawbacks – life expectancy of the film is around 3 years; although the company states that the product could last a lot longer. The low lifespan is because printed ads would fade making them worthless to a company that purchased them for that purpose.

Top reasons to purchase – at $3.00 a square foot, my bedroom windows could be covered with a cost around $18-24 a piece, comparable to similar screening products. But where I see this really working is in big installations – office buildings, industrial buildings, etc.

For much more details, check out CollidEscapes.

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