Cardinal vs Feral Cat

Many birders are probably aware of the Newsweek article about a crazy old biddy that murdered a Northern Cardinal with a shotgun. I will not link it here but if you wish to read the article you can check it out on Birdchick’s Blog among others.

To sum it up, the crazy was “bothered” by a Northern Cardinal “disturbing her sleep” and gunned it down. To top if off, Newsweek’s article was written in such a way as to make this seem like some sort of joke.

I am struck by the irony of a certain famous “Cat-Killer” by the name of Jim Stevenson who is facing all sorts of charges for (alledgely) shooting a feral cat that was hunting endangered Piping Plovers.  Why does the biddy get the glamour while the “evil cat hater” gets shafted?

I am not saying we should start shooting feral cats and I have no problem with legal, ethical hunting.  Also, I am well aware of the fact that window strikes kill loads of birds.  This was not what the issue was about (of course, products offered from The Bird Screen Company are extremely helpful for our birds).

The media seems to be so confused with itself and I hope this “lady” gets the full criminal charges she deserves.

The cardinals in our yard are singing for spring and for a world of less crazy people and more conservationists.

2 thoughts on “Cardinal vs Feral Cat

  1. I would also hope this case gets the same sensationalist treatment Jim Stevenson’s did, Pard. If not, I for one will want to know the reason why it didn’t.

  2. I have a HUGE problem with the apartment manager over the fact that they have this in the lease now “FEEDING BIRDS AND OR OTHER FERAL ANIMALS DUE TO DISEASE, PESTS AND OTHER HEALYH HAZZARDS ASSOCIATED WITH WILD,STRAY OR OTHERFERAL ANIMALS THE FEEDING OR CARE OF THESE ANIMALS IS PROHIBITEDIN THE COMUNITY.” I have been here 15 years(senior citizen Apts. In Ontario NY) and have always fed the birds and hummingbirds. Just because the manager hates birds we have to do as she does..I don’t care if they want to kick me out let them I AM going to keep on feeding the birds there is not much else to enjoy at this place with so many STUPID rules..Are birds A feral ?????

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