32-year-old Veery

559 Veery

Thirty-two years ago, on April 6, 1976, a bird conservationist was born. Jennie, who sometimes goes by the online alias Veery spent a lot of her younger years around nature. As she grew older many distractions got in the way of birding.

A strange twist of fate led her down a path to Northern Illinois University where she is now a junior geography major studying natural environmental systems. As a “non-traditional student” she has the liberty to bird more often and reach out to younger student birders and nature lovers.


It is Veery’s goal to give her son Dakota (10) many opportunities to enjoy nature and birding. Too many young kids miss out on the ability to explore the outdoors.

The oldest real Veery according to Patuxent Wildlife Research Center’s longevity records is ten years and one month.

The main reason Jennie loves the Veery is because of their ethereal song. Her favorite warbler is the Black-throated Green and her favorite Corvid is the American Crow. Jennie even has a favorite sparrow, the Grasshopper Sparrow, again a winner for the sound. Birding by ear could be considered her biggest strength out in the field.


4 thoughts on “32-year-old Veery

  1. Happy hatch day to Veery & many more! I’m jealous of the birding-by-ear ability. I’ve got to work more on that, myself.
    FYI, we’ve had indigo buntings coming around again–pix on my blog if you’re interested. 🙂

  2. And a Happy Belated Birthday to you! 32 years old? Certainly a bird who is in her prime. Wishing you many happy years to spread your wings wherever the journey may take you. Keep on singing your song!

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