Help Save Our Boreal Birds

There are few places on Earth where large areas of intact ecosystems remain and birds abound. The Boreal Forest is one of those places. The Canadian Boreal Forest encompasses 1.4 billion acres and is responsible for the breeding of billions of birds. BILLIONS of birds!!

Helping the Boreal Forest means helping birds like this Bay-breasted Warbler
Bay-breasted Warbler

Unfortunately, the Boreal is not safe from destruction and many opportunistic companies are attempting to snatch up land for profit. While this natural resource is important for both Canadian and American economies, much of the products produced from this important bird habitat are waste products: junk mail, catalogs, and other paper materials. And of course there are the oil, gas, mining, and hydro industries.

But, as birders it is important to acknowledge the fact that we still have a chance to permanently protect large portions of this vital habitat.

Please start by signing the petition found at Then you can read about other ways to help out Boreal birds.

We also suggest checking out the Boreal Songbird Initiative for even more info about what birds are considered Boreal and what we can all do to help save their habitat.

The Boreal Songbird Initiative’s Boreal Forest Conservation Framework calls for:

  • protecting at least 50% of the region in a network of large interconnected protected areas, and
  • supporting sustainable communities, world-leading ecosystem-based resource management practices, and state-of-the-art stewardship practices in the remaining landscape

Please spread the word about the Boreal Forest Conservation Framework and while you’re at it, give em a Stumble

Note: If you sign the petition, which we hope you do, please leave a comment here saying so. This area is extremely important to our birds!!

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  1. Mon@rch – thanks for spreading the word!!

    Shila – thanks much on behalf of all the Boreal birds!

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