Deer Run Bird Survey #7

Our first April Deer Run Bird Survey (D.B.R.S.) was also the first above 50 degrees and a bonus amount of sunshine made it the “springiest” yet!

Song Sparrow
Singing Song Sparrow

Deer Run Forest Preserve is coming to life – plants are emerging and the birds are singing all over the place. We actually felt warm for the first time this year as we hiked the damp trails. There were signs of recent flooding and low areas of standing water.

One of the day’s highlights was the many joyous Song Sparrows belting out tunes left and right. We also found five Hermit Thrushes and many Field Sparrows. A soaring Osprey and some calling Sandhill Cranes added to the excitement. Eight new species brought the total up to 54. 168 birds brought our total count up to 2,463.

New species for the survey:

  1. Field Sparrow
  2. Fox Sparrow
  3. Great Blue Heron
  4. Hermit Thrush
  5. Osprey
  6. Sandhill Crane
  7. Turkey Vulture
  8. Tree Swallow

Hermit Thrush
Hermit Thrush

3 thoughts on “Deer Run Bird Survey #7

  1. The entire tone of this post is much more “Springy” than usual. 😉 Glad you’re out enjoying the good weather.

  2. Mon@rch – we are always delighted to find Sandhill Cranes!!

    Lana – The weather was such a welcome change from the lousy winter!

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