Wingscape BirdCam – Winter Water Source

Having open water in below freezing temperatures is a great way to attract birds. We have a heated bird bath at the Callaway Nature Preserve and decided to set up our Wingscapes BirdCam and see who was coming to get a drink.

Shock of shocks, this squirrel was captured getting a drink.
Red Squirrel

Someone crashed this House Sparrow party
House Sparrows

Euro Starling and a Blue Jay
Face Off

We have tons of House Finches, but didn’t know about this lone female Purple Finch
Purple Finch

More starlings dirtying up the water
Euro Starlings

We have been using the BirdCam a lot more recently. We will try to have another report of how it is handling the ice and snow as well as a barrage of squirrels using it as a launch pad to try and get on the feeders.

4 thoughts on “Wingscape BirdCam – Winter Water Source

  1. I like the web-cam thing. Unfrozen water is important for birds and a great way to attract them during the winter. Lvining next to the Big Spring which never freezes over as it is purely a spring fed creek I have noticed that especially during those times that every thing esle ices over, that the birds really turn up on the spring.

  2. Vern – Springs certainly are great in the winter
    Monarch – Sometimes it feels like using it is “cheating” but it is nice to know what birds are in the yard while we are away
    Moe – Heated baths are great! We wish we had a pond but maybe next year 🙂

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