Bird Conservation and Christmas Cheer

Business has the power to impact bird conservation in many ways, by recycling, becoming more energy efficient, or partnering with environmental organizations to turn portions of their revenue in to conservation dollars.

What better way to practice bird conservation than to relax with a glass of wine? The Hummingbird Society partnered with Clos LaChance Winery in San Martin, California to mix business, pleasure, and conservation, creating The Hummingbird Series

[Clos LaChance Winery] proposed creating a new “Threatened Hummingbirds” series of wine to benefit one particular hummingbird species at risk of extinction each year. A significant part of all sales (at least 15%) is passed on to the Society to specifically help conservation efforts for that species. -The Hummingbird Society

So, what say we celebrate birds with a 2004 Violet-Crowned Merlot or a 2006 Glittering-Throated Emerald Chardonnay? There are seven different wines offered in the Hummingbird Series, so check them out and help out our hummers!
Ruby-throated Hummingbird

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