Wind power. It’s supposed to be good. Clean, healthy – sustainable. The Birdfreaks are very much on board with renewable energy. But there is a huge problem being overlooked when it comes to putting up new turbines: LOCATION MATTERS.

Unfortunately along the Lake Erie shoreline in northwest Ohio, the birds are in serious trouble due to a lack of research and responsibility.

Wind turbine projects at the Camp Perry Air National Guard facility and Lake Erie Business Park are in highly bird-sensitive areas. As good as wind energy is, it cannot be at the expense of our migratory songbirds.

The Lake Erie shoreline is GLOBALLY important to these migratory birds. It is also a major ecotourism area for bird watchers. During the Biggest Week in American Birding in May of 2013 over 70,000 birders from all over the world visited the area.

We need to start letting everyone know we are against this location for wind power. It is bad for the birds and bad for the image of the wind industry.

Environmental groups should not have to fight against each other.


Here is how you can help:

First please read the information gathered by the Black Swamp Bird Observatory. It clearly explains the issues with placing these turbines in highly bird-sensative areas.

Next, if you agree, PLEASE SIGN the petition set up by the Black Swamp Bird Observatory to voice your opinion that no more addition wind turbines be placed in these highly critical areas.

You can also write, call or e-mail elected officials in Ohio and let them know. The Black Swamp Bird Observatory has a link to how you can contact these officials as well as a sample letter.


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