The Upcoming 14th Annual Shreve Spring Migration Sensation

This year the Ohio Birdfreaks (Dakota and Jennie) will be attending the 14th Annual Shreve Migration Sensation with a few Illinois Birdfreaks (Susie, Sammie and Allison)! We are super excited!

This is the best Ohio event to show off migratory waterfowl and is perfect for all ages and every skill level of birder.

Shreve, Ohio has held this event for fourteen years now and it just keeps getting better. The cost is low, only 15 dollars a person or 20 for the entire family and includes six workshops, all events and a lot of cool birds!

Everyone Loves a Redhead!

Inside Events
Free maps are available when you register at Shreve Elementary School, where the workshops are held. The Birder’s Marketplace is located there – a wealth of all kinds of wonderful bird merchandise including optics and gorgeous artwork and groups like the Greater Mohican Audubon Society. There is an activity area, live birds from the Medina Rapter Center and a Wilderness Center Exploration Area.

This year’s speakers include celebrity author, bird experts and exceptional conservationists Kenn and Kim Kaufman (the most wonderful friends anyone could ever have), Jim McCormac author of the blog Ohio Birds and Biodiversity, Chuck Jakubchak and Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist, Cheryl Harner the co-founder of Flora-Quest and Lisa Rainsong, a Music Theory faculty member of the Cleveland Institue of Music and writer of the blog Listening in Nature.

Outdoor Events
Ohio’s largest inland wetlands complex Killbuck Wildlife Area is located here and it’s the perfect time to see migrating waterfowl! Covering 5,671 acres there have been rare sightings such as the Red-throated Loon and White-winged Scoter. There are over 133 typical bird species on the list of typical birds you may see near the end of March.

What’s new in 2014?
This year there will be a Storywalk at Wright Marsh. It’s a family event where you follow a story page-by-page along the path and at the end you will have the opportunity to search for waterfowl with other birders.

We really recommend this event if you can make the trip. It’s always a good time. Hope to see you there and we look forward to sharing our experiences there!

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