Who Was Alexander Wilson?

Alexander Wilson was born July 6, 1766, in Scotland. It became his goal to publish illustrations of North American birds. He was a pioneer and the founder of American ornithology.
Alexander Wilson
Photo – Encyclopedia Britannica

In 1808 he published the first volume of American Ornithology. He sold subscriptions for his work and continued to collect specimens for the remaining volumes. Alexander Wilson met John James Audubon while traveling. Audubon’s work was encouraged by the success of Wilson.

Some birds named for Alexander Wilson are Wilson’s Warbler, Wilson’s Plover, Wilson’s Storm-petrel, and Wilson’s Phalarope. The warbler genus Wilsonia was also named after him (by Charles Lucien Bonaparte) as well as the Wilson Journal of Ornithology.

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  1. Alexander Wilson is so important to our Ornithological History here in the United States. He is one individual that I would have LOVED to meet back in that time!

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