Bird Conservation Stamp

Bird Conservation Stamp

We’ve sent in our money for the 2007-2008 Duck Stamp and have to say that the stamps really are a cool thing. Each stamp costs $15.00 and $14.70 goes to bird habitat conservation. Can we hear a big WOWSER! Imagine for a moment if every birder in the U.S. bought one of this little gems.

  • Total birders in the U.S. – estimates range widely and the definition is loose at best, but let’s be really conservative and say 1 out of every 10 people in the U.S. is a birder = 30,000,000 birders
  • 30,000,000 * $14.70 ea = $441 million!!
  • $15.00 only comes out to $1.25 a month

EL 10x42 With Duck Stamp

You can purchase stamps from numerous places but our favorite is actually the Georgia Ornithological Society. They have the stamp with a cool little holder for $17.00. The stamps look really cool on your bin straps. And as an added bonus, the stamp gets you free admission to any National Wildlife Refuge that charges. Wicked cool!

2 thoughts on “Bird Conservation Stamp

  1. Ive got a sports cap on bird conservation stamps…from 1996 I think its got a couple of surf scoters….nice thing those stamps…GOOOOO Waterfowl!

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