Who is Birdman Jon?

A great way to promote bird conservation is to celebrate and encourage the future generation of great birders. What better way to discuss young birders than by finding out what they personally think and feel? In this Who’s Who we interviewed a young birder and wanted to share his story with you.

Birdman Jon lives 756 miles south of us in Cave Spring, Georgia. We first noticed his great photos on flickr, and then he signed up for the One Million Birder Project. He recently started a fun bird photo group called Feathers+Beaks=Birds on flickr.

Here is our interview, along with some of his fantastic photos!

Brown-headed Nuthatch
Brown Headed Nuthatch

Jonathan Harris (Birdman Jon)

  1. What age were you when you started birding? What is your current age?
  2. I started birding at the age of 11. Now I am 15

  3. How did you get started in birding?
  4. I saw a eastern screech owl and did not know what kind of owl it was at the time. So I got out my moms old bird field guide and I was hooked!

  5. What is your favorite bird?
  6. My favorite bird would be the eastern screech owl! The reason why is I think it is his fault that he got me into such a great hobby! And also, I always thought that they were very interesting about there color morph.

    Tufted Titmouse

  7. How often do you go birding?
  8. I try to go birding every day! If I can. But mostly I go birding after school.

  9. Who do you go birding with?
  10. Just myself.

  11. Is there a bird club in your area and are you a member?
  12. Nope. But I am part of the Audubon.


  13. Do you have a life list and if so, how many are on it?
  14. Yes I do and 122 birds are on it!

  15. Do your family or friends also enjoy birding?
  16. Oh yes they do!

  17. Is the environmental field (including birding) part of your future career goal?
  18. I have not decided yet.

    Tufted titmouse

  19. How would you get other young people interested in birding?
  20. At boy scouts I teach the bird study merit badge and my fellow scouts really like birds!

Immature Red Tailed Hawk

Thank you Jonathan and if you are a young birder (under 18) please contact us and we would be glad to speak with you!!

9 thoughts on “Who is Birdman Jon?

  1. You GO, Jonathon! Bird on! Glad to hear you’re so excited about the field.
    Thanks to the Birdfreak team for posting this insightful interview.
    HOORAY for the brown headed nuthatches! (Okay, so I’m partial to them ‘cuz they’re nesting near my house…Sue me! *L*)

  2. Lana – We can see the Brown-headed Nuthatches only through you guys, so thanks!

    Zen – Thanks so much, we hope to highlight more great young birders!

    Birdman Jon – No, thank YOU for the interview!

    Mark – We agree he is a fine photographer!

  3. Larry – You’re so right, he is the future! It is so great that he is into birding!

  4. Excellent photos, and how awesome that we get to read interviews with young birders! Thanks to both Birdman Jon and the Birdfreak team for bringing a new perspective to bird blogging. Well done!

  5. Iris – you are so very welcome and we plan to feature as many young birders as possible!!

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