8 thoughts on “Phriday Photo – Back in Black(bird)

  1. Loving all your bird photos..I am trying to capture bird images here in Arizona but as I am ready to click… off they fly..perhaps I had better get up earlier before the sunshines when they all come out to feed! Have only seen 1 Anna hummer but that day I did NOT have my camera! Come see the butterflies that are abundant here! sunkissed NG

  2. Naturegirl – thanks so much! It would be cool if you could get an Anna’s photo, but they are so quick! We can’t wait until it is warmer around here, I bet you are nice and toasty! 🙂

  3. That was one of the first birds that I was excited about when I saw one at the feeder.-It might has well been a rare bird the first time I saw it.

  4. Zen – thanks so much!

    Mon@rch – it was also so great the hear them sing again…the winter just doesn’t have enough singing birds!

    Larry – Maybe that is why birds like Red-winged Blackbirds and Eastern Phoebes come so early, so we can be excited about them before the warblers come! 🙂

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