White-naped Raven: An Example of Bird-of-Mouth

bird-of-mouth: spreading information about birds, birding, and bird conservation through various forms of media.
bird-of-mouth marketing: using marketing tools/methods to increase the speed and reach of information about birds, birding, and bird conservation.

We coined these terms based off the well known marketing terms “word-of-mouth” and “word-of-mouth marketing” because spreading thoughts, ideas, and stories about birds is what birders are great at doing. There are thousands of amazing facts, fun anecdotes, and conservation success stories to share. As birders, we have a lot of great tools at our hands to get the bird-of-mouth to spread faster.

White-naped Raven

We witnessed a good example of how bird-of-mouth can be used with the World Bird Sanctuary’s use of a White-naped Raven to increase donations. This extremely intelligent bird would take money and put it in the donation box, creating a delight to the crowd, a topic to tell others about, and a great deal of greenbacks in the coffers.

White-naped Raven

White-naped Raven

White-naped Raven

10 thoughts on “White-naped Raven: An Example of Bird-of-Mouth

  1. Love it! Just wondering, though… have they trained it yet to fly over and retrieve the wallets of visitors that don’t feel the need to contribute? Now that might really increase donations!

  2. I would love to arrange for my bookclub to meet this bird in October to celebrate the 200th year of Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday.

  3. Gary – I believe the raven is owned/taken care of by the World Bird Sanctuary located around St. Louis, Missouri. I am not sure if they bring it out to events but that would be a neat thing for sure. Visit http://www.worldbirdsanctuary.org/ for more info.

  4. I just talked to them today. They do bring it out to events. They will have him taking donations at their openhouse ,which is on two days, Oct. 17th and 18th. 10 am to 4 pm.


  5. My bookclub is meeting on Oct. 18th to do a picnic lunch,and then give dollar donations to the Raven at their openhouse. QUOTH THE RAVEN, “TAKE YOUR BUCKS!” HA!


  6. We saw The Raven at the openhouse. I gave him 5 one dollar bills. He was so eager to do it,and so darn cute. Now I feel like I’ve truly celebrated POE’s 200 th birthday in style seeing this adorable bird!
    Also found out the host of the show went to school where I worked,and had her little sister in class!

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