Wall of Birds by Cornell Lab of Ornithology

The Wall of Birds is a cool interactive project from Cornell’s Bird Academy. It features a bird from each taxonomic family (243) and each is located where they can be found over the globe.

“Explore the diversity and evolution of birds with this web interactive based on the Wall of Birds mural. Envisioned by Cornell Lab ornithologists and realized by artist Jane Kim, the large-scale mural features species from all surviving bird families alongside a select group of extinct ancestors.” – from the Wall of Birds

wall of birds

You can zoom in and out and pan across the Wall of Birds and see the progression of evolution that led to modern birds. My favorite being the beautiful and bizarre Archaeopteryx.

The best and coolest thing about this interactive bird wall is that you can click on each species and learn more about the bird, the family it belongs, and even listen to its sound.

Warning: visiting this site might leave you spending a great deal of time exploring the wonderful world of birds!

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