Rare Birds of North America

Rare Birds of North America is a densely packed book that covers nearly all the fascinating species that you are most likely not going to see in North America. These rare birds, some of which have but a single confirmed sighting, can show up nearly anywhere at any time, but as this book shows, most concentrate in particular geographical areas.

Rare Birds of North America

The book is arranged like an encyclopedic field guide, where the birds vitals and identification marks are listed along with a colorful illustration. Each species also has information on world and North American distribution and status plus habitat and behavior details.

The illustrations are beautiful and the introduction fully explains what vagrant (rare) birds are and where they come from. The long list of cited literature provides a valuable resource for anyone wanting to learn more about specific rare birds.

rare birds of north america interior page
blue mockingbird

Rare Birds of North America really shows how amazing birds are in their tendencies towards vagrancy and how exciting it is to be a birder, where at nearly any given moment and locale, a truly rare bird could be sighted.

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